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Warm Hands on a Cold Day


Now if I had known Jesus lived in Westlake, I certainly would have visited much sooner.  But it turns out, Jesus does not live there.  A representative of his does.  Now, Christian or not, I am a skeptic.  The only reason I have not gone full rogue from Christianity is because I have experienced for myself the Holy Spirit and the supernatural.  Otherwise, true hedonist flesh that I am, I would be in bars and clubs every night, never ever feeling any guilt about not going to church—where supposedly God lives, or even picking up the Living Word—which, for the sake of prosperity, I recommend you do daily.

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Vanity Translated


From Vixen to Christian…

Prince’s impossibly pretty protege and former flame passed away Monday in a California hospital to the dismay of fans who loved her as Vanity, the lead singer of Vanity 6, or as Denise Katrina Matthews, the soul, few if any of us really knew.

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Hitting Below the Bible Belt

Creflo-Dollar-Pastor-World-Changers-Church-InternationalSteve Siebold has recently written an article for the Huffington Post which shoots birds at Creflo Dollar’s 65 million dollar jet.

Like gang signs, he even throws up a picture of a suitless Creflo Dollar dressed in prison pumpkin-orange (from a rough patch in his life) where he was looking like a being as ordinary as Steve Siebold.

Apparently, Steve Siebold believes jets just fall out of the sky at a natural man’s feet. What?  Like King Solomon worked the fields for his riches?  The money has to come from somewhere, Steve.  David, our harp-playing, dope song-writing, peeping Tom, murderous wife-stealing king, and yet beloved, was first a shepherd.  The burden of his yoke of over-taxation nearly broke the neck of his flock.  That’s Old Testament wisdom; them gold plates and goblets didn’t just manifest in the Temple by white magic, Boo.

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Bold, Brave, No Filter


Actress Taryn Manning becomes Michelle Knight in Cleveland Abduction.

Taryn Manning’s mom may have been horrified for her daughter’s sanity for playing the role of Michelle Knight.  But from what we can tell, it takes great depth of skill and attention to the smallest detail to find the heart of seemingly unlovable victims covered in so much grit and soot.  Taryn Manning is pure genius at work when delivering lines with that raspy voice, with delivering every expression of her petite body, down to the twitch of her bare foot.

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Mental illness is rarely this black and white.

The French mountainside may as well have been an ocean. The pain that shook the mountain has, like an earthquake, rippled from shore to shore.

After learning that Andreas Lubitz, the 27-year-old pilot responsible for taking his life and the lives of 149 others, was suspected of deliberately crashing Germanwings Flight 4U9525, I thought, 27?  Only 27?  Wow, a pilot at 27?  His parents must have been so proud.  Then I thought of the horror of the 149 . . . the helplessness they must have felt . . . and the “Oh, God, why have you forsaken me?” feelings . . . and the sudden claustrophobia and suffocating despair that must have fallen upon them before the mountain.  How sad? The very accomplishment which caused one family so much pride has now caused them and others a world of devastation.

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Worse Than Abraham


Will he put a ring on it?

Some Christians need a second or third baptism, a second or third dunkin’ in the water, because some of them need to be born again—again and again.  Nothing was more disappointing to hear than that Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was going to be a father.  A father!  A father!  Not an engaged man!  Or a husband!  A father!

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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

arm scroll tattoo

King David, the Bible says, edified himself when he was being chased by the enemy or when strife stirred in his home.  Edify means to uplift the soul spiritually or morally.  And, of course, King David used God’s words to do so.

Deuteronomy 11:18 of the Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible states:

Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

God’s Word (1995) translation of Deuteronomy 11:18  makes the meaning of that scripture clear:

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Allah Who?

Radical Islam comes with a cloud of black smoke.

Followers of Allah, coming in a cloud of black smoke, bringing misery and death.

As a born-again Christian who serves the one true God, who is Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, for the life of me, I cannot understand why Muslims go buck-wild whenever miscellaneous individuals insult their god.  Wif crazed protesters foamin’ at the mouf.  With fire.  Violence.  Murder.

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Shaking Heaven and Earth

Montell Jordan is a new man in Christ.

Though re-born, it has been a peculiar year for Montell Jordan.

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