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I Knew He Looked Familiar


…moonwalking all over The Land!

Michael Jackson has returned…

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Horror of Horrors

Tracy Morgan and Psy at the BMAs

KLOWN Tracy Morgan certainly brought the KORNY (as expected).

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards was a musical of horrors.

Between the lip syncing and the horrendous so called “natural” singing, mostly it was just a horror of horrors.

The comic, although likable and not comedic, at times seemed lost.

He may even be borderline illiterate or half-blind and in need of thicker contacts.

Who is Celine Gomez?

And isn’t that big scary white girl’s name pronounced Keh-sha?  Not Kee-sha?

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Midnight Blue

Blue Ivy Carter, child without a face?

Maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z should have named her Midnight Blue, for all the time she spends shrouded in darkness.

Blue Ivy spends first birthday alone.  Playing solitaire.  Waiting for the birth of Karmenian Bluegrass, Kim and Kanye West’s little klothespony-to-be. . . .

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Broken Barbies

A poem for all the broken Barbies and Kens