Bad Day in Cleveland

Bengals in town…hmmm, I thought I smelled kitty litter!


Johnny Manziel is still the man!

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Video: Baby Bron-Bron Re-Born 2014

Aaah, nostalgia!

“Hardships, pitfalls, and adversity will define who you really are!” –LeBron James,  the chosen one, “Taking Us to Church” in a Beats by Dre spot featuring Powerbeats 2 Wireless.

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No Worries Here

Out of the mouths of babes!

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Waining or Spwinkling?

Whether it’s wainin’ or spwinklin’, there’s gonna be some dwama!

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Flashback: Blue Ivy Approved

Mama Bey’s performance at this year’s VMA’s was Blue Ivy approved.

Listen to Beyonce  and Jay Z’s laughter.  It’s infectious.

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Stymied by the Loss of the Hymen



My big black daddy would have torn through Instagram, chucking spears, to snatch me up outta that bed!

Fathers, go get your daughters.  So what if she’s over 21, making her own paper, and living under her own roof?  If she’s a virgin, go get her and secure a bedazzled bracelet just above the ankle-bone to detect if she travels outside the designated perimeters of work or school.  But whatever you do, snatch your daughter from the world and lock her in her room.  Because if you know she’s a virgin, that devil who licks his big red lips whenever she’s around knows she’s a virgin.  And wet behind the ears.  With milk on her breath.  He can hear the goo-goo-ga-ga in her voice.  He knows she’s innocent and gullible—a newborn to love—and highly susceptible to bustin’ an awkward virgin move.

Consider the fairytale romance of Jordin Sparks and Jason DeRulo, which was doomed from the start when Jordin Sparks fell for the old engagement ring trick.

At first she was feeling like they were a match made in iTunes heaven.  Now she’s probably just feeling like . . .

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Hmmm, Which Turkey Do We Pardon?

Elizabeth-Lauten-cyber-bullies-presidents-daughtersThe White House turkey was not the only turkey needing pardoning this weekend.  Elizabeth Lauten, the communications director for U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher, found her neck on the chopping block for cyber bullying President Barack Obama’s daughters after the turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House on November 26, 2014.

The respect Elizabeth Lauten wishes Sasha and Malia, the president’s daughters, had shown for the sanctity of the White House is the same ordinary respect she should have shown for Sasha and Malia and their parents as living, breathing, feeling, ordinary human beings.

Because of racial inequality in this country, Elizabeth Lauten, a communications director (and many others like her who are less than communications directors), take regular, persistent, and unwarranted liberties with every aspect of Black Life.

The overwhelming disrespect President Barack Obama, this president in particular, has suffered is a direct result of this country having little or no respect for Black Life and is evidenced when the Elizabeth Lautens, whether she has three teeth in her head or a full set, open their mouths and show how black and foul their hearts are.

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HaPpy ThanKsGiving!


Leave it to me to cook the wrong bird on the wrong duckin’ day!

Translation: Happy Thanksgiving Day, er, Weekend, Everyone!

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Bill Cosby Raped Me, Too!


...because the ladies love Bill Cosby!

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Awesome, Awesome, She So Awesome!


Whether yesterday or today, she's still the same old gorgeous Pam.

 Hotter than Coffy.


Foxy Brown,

The original Foxy Brown.

Brown Sugar.

Sheba, baby.

First female action star!

Jackie Brown.

Or damn, Pam!

Call the African American beauty of blaxploitation filmsThe L Word, and sultry siren of yesterday whatever you want.

I just call her…

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