Man Down


Bruce of 1972: "Bruce, is that more or less you?" Bruce of 2015: "In some places, more...some places, less."

If two or three broken marriages, two or three sets of kids, setting the record for the decathlon, which earned him a gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics of Montreal, taught us anything, it taught us that William Bruce Jenner never takes the road less traveled.  Now that Bruce Jenner is 65 and divorced from the Kardashian matriarch, switching lanes, it seems it’s all about earning some shine for himself alone, garnering a little attention for himself alone.


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Is There Another?

Run, Hillary, run!

Her good eye on the prize!

Please . . . is there another?

Look, this is not a vote for yet a-nother Bush

if Hillary Clinton’s all we got?!!

But (please) . . . say there is another.

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The Lily of the Valley


In remembrance of Jesus Christ . . . the sacrificial lamb.

Jesus Christ is most high, higher than the mightiest prince or king on earth.  He is above angels.  Yet, He is humble and lowly in heart.  As the lily of the valley grows tall and is fruitful, as there is no one above Him, He reigns supreme and is exalted by all.  Despite His appeal, as sweet and fragrant as a flower, despite His unspeakable glory, His purity made perfect, as the lily of the valley, in humility, He hangs His head.

Happy Easter! 

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Sorry . . . You Got Caught


It's one thing to say, "I'm sorry." It's another to mean it.

Saying you’re sorry these days is like saying, “That’s neither here nor there.”

Sounds good.

But it pretty much means nothing.

It’s protocol.

You mess up. The media finds footage of it.  You offer up an apology in the hopes that what you hold dear is not yanked away from you like a gigantic, ubersticky band-aid.  You and victim move forward.

For, tomorrow’s another day!

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Mental illness is rarely this black and white.

The French mountainside may as well have been an ocean. The pain that shook the mountain has, like an earthquake, rippled from shore to shore.

After learning that Andreas Lubitz, the 27-year-old pilot responsible for taking his life and the lives of 149 others, was suspected of deliberately crashing Germanwings Flight 4U9525, I thought, 27?  Only 27?  Wow, a pilot at 27?  His parents must have been so proud.  Then I thought of the horror of the 149 . . . the helplessness they must have felt . . . and the “Oh, God, why have you forsaken me?” feelings . . . and the sudden claustrophobia and suffocating despair that must have fallen upon them before the mountain.  How sad? The very accomplishment which caused one family so much pride has now caused them and others a world of devastation.

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little blue pills, curdled milk, and cottage cheese


His take:

That devil in a blue dress is pissing me off. She’s taking men down the wrong road, down a yellow brick road.

She shows up at the perfect time, during football games, creating her own perfect storm, as a constant reminder we are under pressure to perform.

This “pressure to perform,” even she knows, is far worse in the bedroom than the pressure to perform on any football field.

That devil in a blue dress really pisses me off.

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The Luis Scola: A Girl’s Dream


Human hair with Swiss lace?

Women would kill for a lace front wig like The Luis Scola.

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Withers in the Cool

Wuthering-High-School-cast-of-morose-marionettesWatching at midnight won’t make Wuthering High School, the latest adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, as dark as desired.  Crashing waves beneath the bright blue sky of Malibu, California and rich and bratty Barbies & Kens, in rags more pricey than cars, moping around homes built like resorts with cool stone pools, how could it?  But that’s the point, right?  Choosing the cold and dreary Upper East Coast for a setting would have been apropos, but redundant.

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Hear No Evil

Russ-Parrs-spiritual-thriller-hear-no-evilIf you’re a Christian, you’re pretty much happy when any one is courageous enough to mention Jesus’s name anywhere these days, but especially in a movie.  Radio Personality Russ Parr is more than just a voice on the radio.  As screenwriter and director of “Hear No Evil,” he’s proven he’s more than able to talk about hot and controversial topics, he’s willing to create some, too.

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50 Years Later: Impressions of Selma


50 years later...the first Black president crosses the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

When President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama stepped down from Air Force One in Selma, Alabama this weekend, it represented a full circle moment.  From the cotton fields to the Oval Office.

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