The Daily Grind


Nothing could complement "The Daily Grind" by poet Fenton Johnson better than "Green Beans" served up by artist Kadir Nelson.

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I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story


Yaya DaCosta is effervescent as Whitney Houston!

No one will ever know the real truth of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.  The movie Whitney, the version offered by Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett in her directorial debut, seems to earnestly dig for that truth.  Since Wendy Williams’s Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B biopic, R&B fans did not have much hope for Whitney the movie or Bassett’s success.

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Turnovers? What Turnovers?


All of Ohio is proud!

The last shall be first.  Started from the bottom now he’s here. Congratulations, Cardale Jones!  Congratulations, Ezekiel Elliott! Congratulations to the entire Buckeye Football Team.  Thanks for making us proud all across the nation.  Gooooooo Bucks!!!!!!!

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Ohio State’s Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

 Ohio-States-Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Celebration-2015A Special Invitation to Alumni and Friends

Rev. Al Sharpton is the featured speaker of Ohio State’s Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration to be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. 

Rev. Al Sharpton, host of MSNBC’s PoliticsNation and founder of the National Action Network, will speak at Ohio State’s 43rd MLK celebration at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 14, at the Ohio Union, Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom, located on 1739 N. High Street.

Award-winning writer and author of The Evolution of Al Sharpton: The Provocative Politics of the People’s Preacher (May 2016), Dr. Jamal Watson and Ohio State’s African American Voices gospel choir will also participate.

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George Killerman


First, it's speeding bullets, then it's flying wine bottles. What's next? Spinning axes?

George Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted in the fatal 2013 shooting of unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, was charged with aggravated assault on Saturday after his arrest in connection with some domestic commotion in Florida.

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Jolly, Jolly Jowls

These are the eyes of an angel who has everything.  A thriving business in entertainment.  Two handsome sons.  And a string of wealthy “exes”–some of whom were other women’s “currents.”

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Sugar Bowl 2015: Alabama vs. Ohio State

Sugar Bowl 2015: #4 Ohio State defeats #1 Alabama

...sugar fuels every cell in a Buckeye brain!

Thanks for the sugar rush!

Go Bucks!


Cleveland's own Cardale Jones, 3rd QB in line for OSU, saving the best for last! How sweet it is!

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In The New Year

Effing is supposed to be good for you. I'm allergic to effing.

Come close.  As uncomfortable as I am with intimacy of this sort, come closer.  No, closer still.  I have a secret.  The secret is that I am allergic to effing.  Yes, effing.  Effing has always made me uncomfortable.  My eyes and nose become red, itchy, and runny.  Effing makes me feel weak, especially if I’m looking up from the bottom.  Too many bad memories of us replay in my mind when effing.  And, being a Christian doesn’t help because as the world knows, effing is sometimes an even dirtier word to us Christians.

Here’s the problem with me and effing.

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This Christmas


These lambs are Flip Flops--extremely relaxed animals--who were extremely relaxing to our mother during her last days.

Without our mother, we are trying to figure out our new Christmas normal.  My mother loved Christmas almost as much as she loved Christ or us rotten kids.  In our latter years, Christmas somehow came to revolve around her.  If someone teased my mother about opting to do nothing for Christmas, to not buy gifts, to not prepare a special dinner or, in essence, to treat Christmas as if it were an ordinary day, she would get a blank look on her face and become as quiet as a patient hearing bad news.

Then the moment like a flashback would pass, and all of a sudden she would object.  With her whole heart.

“No Christmas!” she would say.  “How can we NOT have Christmas!  We HAVE to have Christmas!”

My mother shopped for everyone . . . down to the fifth cousins who barely had a speck of original DNA in ‘em (or the home-training to mumble a polite, Thank you.) 

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Bad Day in Cleveland

Bengals in town…hmmm, I thought I smelled kitty litter!


Johnny Manziel is still the man!

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