It’s On!


The Basketball Gods Approve.........Go Cavs!

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Kyrie Buys Keyshia & Boobie’s Crib

Kyrie-Irving-livin-large-in-Westlake-OhioLeBron James made headlines with the recent listing of his amazing Miami mansion for 17 million.  Now Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving is making real estate news of his own.

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Grape Jelly Eaters


Dale C. Slavin’s “Joie de Vie,” a limestone sculpture on a granite base, looks like a single woman chilling with her children in Beachwood near The Land in Ohio.

My new doctor is Indian.  During a recent first visit, he asked if I had children.  When I told this graham-cracker colored man no, the look on his face revealed he rarely met Black women over twenty who were virgins to giving birth.  Then he went and asked me that other question, the question that comes first—I presume—if you are any other attractive single woman.  Why aren’t you married?

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Priceless: My First Ring


White light accenting the yellow sunshine at center . . . a whiskey quartz was the highest possible quality to fit the nine-year-old’s budget.

Marcus S. combed soft and wavy cat fur for hair and saw the world through eyes the color of ice tea in sunlight.

We never loved each other.

It was something the four of us agreed upon over a few days.

Marvin S. would be Kurtistyne B’s boyfriend.

Marcus S. would be mine.

We were nine.

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Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh: That Popeye

A Knockout!

The slightest glimpse of Sylvester Stallone’s silhouette is distinguishable around the globe.  With his mopey downcast eyes and angst-rippled lips, his is a face brooding with clouds and shadows that, at a glance, is symbolic of bad news, a hard-knock life, or the drain of loss.

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A Tall Glass of Ginn


"You know who it is. You see these bees."

Oops!  She done done it again.  Beyonce woke up like this.  Makeup-free.  Under a crown of white roses (lookin’ mighty yella to me).  Damn, that’s special.  But it’s nothing compared to waking up on a bed of cool green grass.  You know . . . when you trip . . . cause you’re kinda drunk . . . off the tall glasses of Ginn the bartender kept pouring you . . . for free . . . cause you cute . . . and you wake up wet with dew (or urine) . . . on not your lawn . . . but somebody’s lawn, also known as a bed of grass?  Well, enough about me.  Let’s talk about The Queen and her crown of white roses and . . .

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The Other Brother


Adam could evolve . . . into George.

Now that Amal Alamuddin has worked her Houdini on George Clooney–seducing him into marriage with those cow’s eyes like Pan’s flute–and since hindsight is 20-80 (nearly legally blind), we all realize now we should have snagged his fraternal twin brother Adam Carolla.

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The 3rd Annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival


Alton Tinker and Darrin Henson promoting GCUFF

Alton Tinker, President of the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF) Foundation, and actor Darrin Henson of Four of Hearts, a featured film this year, spoke to Cleveland’s local media about the Film Festival today.

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Tove Lo

Tove Lo on Jimmy Kimmel





Tove Lo

made her debut


Jimmy Kimmel

Tuesday night


her infectious song,

“Habits (Stay High).”



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Worse Than Abraham


Will he put a ring on it?

Some Christians need a second or third baptism, a second or third dunkin’ in the water, because some of them need to be born again—again and again.  Nothing was more disappointing to hear than that Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was going to be a father.  A father!  A father!  Not an engaged man!  Or a husband!  A father!

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