Always Divine


"Sorry, Mary Jane Paul, but my arm ain't the only thing that's broke."

On recent episodes of “Being Mary Jane,” starring’s own Brown Sugar Award winner, Gabrielle Union, a certain someone has made a divine appearance. 

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So Is Hell

Paris Terror Attacks

Paris is burning...but so is hell.

It is always shocking to learn that ambition, power, beauty, wealth, and even youth and health cannot guarantee a long life.

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No Justice for Halle Berry


Halle Berry split from Olivier Martinez conjures up relics from the past.

David Justice, Halle Berry’s starter husband, reportedly tweeted: “Yup . . . Me, Eric (Benet), Gabriel (Aubry) and Olivier (Martinez) were all her ‘Knight in Shining Armor,’ until it ends.  Then we all become the worst guys in history.”

After tweeting about the custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry and how “Only the guys in the relationship with Halle know the real deal,” Justice pressed delete on some of his tweets but not before Barefoot Father Earth, Eric Benet, kicked some dust Halle’s way.

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Ah, Non, Émasculé!


With-zout ze common enemy, Eugène, what fun was zair in ze marry-ah-jer?

Emasculated?  Is zat all?  Haha Haha, oh my, ha, ha…

Après ze shoque initiale of news of ze Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez split subsided, in hindsight, perhaps ze writing was already on ze divorce papiers.

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The Ice Cream Nazi


"Desserts" spelled backwards is "stressed." Want some?

The masses don’t usually have bad moods when they enter the pink and yellow sunshine of a Baskin-Robbins.  In the city of Shaker Heights where the streets are named Yorkshire and Berkshire, running along the edge of the city like a river lies Chagrin Boulevard.  An apt name, for within the walls of a certain Baskin-Robbins there sort of stands a miserable ogre, whose singular goal, in single scoops, is not to peddle ice cream dreams but 31 flavors of sadness.

For this reason, we shall deem him The Ice Cream Nazi.

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Insensitive Suspicions?


"Well, hush my mouth!!! The career stealer who broke up my Lakers called Master P insensitive?"

When, in a TMZ interview earlier this week, 48-year-old rapper Master P implied that Kobe Bryant could have made moves to save former Laker teammate Lamar Odom, the country immediately rushed to judgment saying that Master P was ignorant for making the following observation:

 “If Kobe was his friend . . . Kobe, like, owns the team. He could’ve got the man back on the team . . . That’s all he wanted.”

Because Kobe Bryant has entertained society with basketball sleight of hand all his life, most thought Kobe rushing to his former teammate’s side was a genuine act of kindness.


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Shade or Shadows?


Who are these white folks?

An unfortunate by-product of Reality TV is that it often makes something out of nothing.  It creates drama where there is none.  But if viewers look closely, they may realize one or two things.  The offspring of celebrities either choose to chill in the shade of famous relatives or drag around in the shadows of a burdensome dark cloud.  The Jacksons: Next Generation, a Lifetime production featuring what seems like an army of children sired by The Jackson Five makes the pros and cons of being a celebrity kid embarrassingly clear.

Why some celebrity children feel that their parents’ purpose in life, which leads them to become world renown singers, must be their destiny as well is beyond comprehension.  Sure it may be in their genes to carry a tune.  But it may not be their purpose to wow the world with song.  The world is filled with people anointed to sing who will never have the world success that the regularly tone-deaf Taylor Swift experiences.  Tito Jackson’s sons, Taryll Jackson, Taj Jackson, and TJ Jackson, have approached middle age wishing on the Jackson Family stardom.  These young people seem to be burdened by the looming shadow of family success.  All they do is whine and cry and procreate with paler people and show up occasionally in studios trying to bang out the one song that will catapult them to Michael Jackson status (which everyone but them seems to know is never going to happen).

Other, lesser known children of celebrities seem to be burdened by family success as well.  They suffer all sorts of identity crises trying to wear shoes too big for their feet or their talent.  Always dragging around in someone else’s shadow is difficult for even us so-called common folk.  But why a child of a celebrity, who has the means and every opportunity to truly find out who they are, would choose to try to make platinum lightning strike twice must be as frustrating to the parents who indulge them in the expression of their watered down talent as they are to the public they are thrust upon.

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A Hard Couple of 22 Years


The elite starving for sympathy...ain't this some Oliver Twisting in the wind?

Last night’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live on NBC opened with host and musical guest Miley Cyrus wearing a full body wig and an appearance by Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton (who is either out of breath or on her last legs in the polls). After watching SNL, it was clear that the show provides more than comedic relief for its guests.

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Murder Empire

Letting fairies and celebrities Murder the Empire?The one quality a big flamin’ Queen and a starvin’ Foodie will never possess is . . .

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Fanning the Flames


Rapper Waka Flocka Flame, wearing a cap with the words "Uncommon Sense," is not afraid to speak his mind.

The 29-year-old rapper, Waka Flocka Flame, has made headlines with his recent comments…

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