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Horror of Horrors

Tracy Morgan and Psy at the BMAs

KLOWN Tracy Morgan certainly brought the KORNY (as expected).

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards was a musical of horrors.

Between the lip syncing and the horrendous so called “natural” singing, mostly it was just a horror of horrors.

The comic, although likable and not comedic, at times seemed lost.

He may even be borderline illiterate or half-blind and in need of thicker contacts.

Who is Celine Gomez?

And isn’t that big scary white girl’s name pronounced Keh-sha?  Not Kee-sha?

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Sometimes They Come Back


Shining brightest . . . and cut like a diamond! Beyonce, who?

But did they all have to come back . . . on the same night? I thought it would never, ever, ever end! Anyhoo, here’s the 55th Grammy Awards Rewind.

Taylor Swift, ringmaster, opened the 55th Grammy Awards with an Alice in Wonderland circus act. Elton John helped Ed Sheeran kill some time and a few angels in the snow. The Best Pop Solo Performance went to Adele for “Set Fire to the Rain (Live).” Neil Patrick Harris (who annoyingly has nothing to do with music, thanks CBS) announced a performance by Fun. But just before Fun came to the stage to perform a funky, folksy tune aptly called “Carry On,” in a corner of the television Chris Brown’s arm was affectionately going around Rihanna’s neck and was one of the most deliciously irresistible moments of the night to voyeur.

And that was just the first 15 minutes of the show.

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She Ain’t You

Chris Brown and Rihanna finally reunite.When a boy and a girl only have eyes for each other, woe to the girl who would break the gaze.  Die-hard romantics, too embarrassed to admit the truth, are hiding a secret thrill that the girl, who stood between the sun and the earth like the moon, has finally moved into another orbit.

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The New Colored People

When God said, in Leviticus 19:28, “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord,” He obviously was not talking to the youth of today or its parents.

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