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Herpe Birthday!


From Usher…with love?

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Black Trumps Blue, Boo


No winners here….

When Derrick Stafford shot and killed Jeremy Mardis, November 2015, after his dad Christopher Few refused to pull over for a traffic stop in rural Marksville, Louisiana, like a pinch to the cheek, we knew justice would finally get some color this time.

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When you finally understand physics…


The pendulum has swung…and now the clock is broken.


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Rush of Adrenaline


You were right, Robin. This bitch is sweet!

Starting at $21,499, the Polaris Slingshot boasts a 360 degree rush of adrenaline, delivering pure driving freedom…so the dealer says.  They also say this:

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Trump and CircumsPence: Much Ado Bout Nothing


Since it was here, maybe a few words should be said.  About the Republican National Convention, that is.  Most of us in Cleveland, Ohio were mostly concerned about whether our usual routines would be disrupted and, if so, by how much. There were roadblocks, highway entrances and exits diverted or closed, and the expected traffic pattern changes with the usual casualties:  all business stopped to some businesses.

It’s weird.

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The Terror at Home


“A Mother’s Greatest Fear.” Mural in Chicago, Illinois, and response to the city’s rising murder rate due to gang violence.

When I used to think of Chicago, Illinois, what immediately came to mind was Oprah.  The wind.  Then the cold.  An image of rush hour people hurrying to work with the anxiousness of New Yorkers comes to mind.  But the Chicagoan does not clutch his head or neck because there are too many people packed in one place to breathe; he does it because the winters are always frigid, always insane.  I see scarves and trench coats flying behind the Chicagoan, pulled by the wind like the tail of a kite.  I see a beautiful city sort of dipping its feet in water.  I see side-by-side bridges.  I see bridges over water.

Lately, when I think of Chicago, I still see the bridges.  But they all seem to be over troubled waters.

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Spiked Sugarpova


Can you hear the crickets?  People are speechless.  Even the media.

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Oscar: Old, Set in His Musty White Ways


Should anyone expect anything other than exclusion from anyone 88, old, white, and called Oscar?

“Say what we will, there is something in human nature which we cannot blot out, which makes one man, in the end, recognize and reward merit in another, regardless of colour or race.”

–Booker T. Washington, “Up From Slavery” (1901)


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Constantly on the Lookout for Chuck

Attorney for McKinney is spinning a story that Talton and McKinney were acquaintances and the gun discharged during an embrace...accidentally.

Attorney for McKinney is spinning a story that Talton and McKinney were acquaintances and the gun discharged during an embrace…accidentally.

Nothing good happens after two o’clock in the morning.  We’ve all heard that saying.  Recently, Janese Jackson Talton, 29, was shot around closing time at Cliff’s Bar in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She did not die as a result of breaking any laws.  She did not die because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She did not die because she was not minding her own business.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Police are reporting that Janese Talton was found lying dead on the sidewalk because she simply said “No” to “Chuck.”  And meant it.

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Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Tyga: A Real Animal?


Fans recognized Molly O’Malia and came for her for breaking up Tyga and Kylie Jenner. Then Gloria Allred came for OK Magazine…but will she come for Tyga?

It probably should be.  But, yeah, it’s no secret—that Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga, likes little girls.

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