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Grinch Who Stole Warriors’ Christmas

Milwaukee-Bucks-Fans-CelebrateWhen the Golden State Warriors’ winning streak came to an abrupt end Saturday night thanks to the Milwaukee Bucks, no one was surprised, least of all Milwaukee Bucks fans who showed up for the take down in t-shirts with the fateful numbers 24-1.

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Michael Jordan Falling Into Marriage Trap, Again

Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto

Counting his other "wife" of ten years, this may actually be Michael Jordan's third marriage.

Michael Jordan proposed to longtime Cuban American girlfriend Yvette Prieto over the Christmas holiday weekend.  The couple has been together for over three years.  Jordan, owner of the Bobcats, and New York Yankee baseball player Derek Jeter attended a Bobcat game in Charlotte, North Carolina on December 26, 2011.  The following morning, Jordan, his model fiancée, the serial dater Derek Jeter and sweetheart du jour fled the country on MJ’s private G4 set for a South of France cruise on a private yacht for presumably a private celebration.  But should they have?

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The Whore of Akron

One Man's Search for the Soul of LeBron James,so he says...

"Cleveland teams remain a psychic rock, an anchor for my wobbling, fretful soul." What soul?

Author Scott Raab of Cleveland Heights, Ohio wants us to believe that he has not gotten over The Decision.  And prays that you haven’t either. 

In an effort to profit from LeBron James’ seemingly tarnished brand, the roly-poly author is rolling through Cleveland pushing his literary dribble (shamelessly entitled) The Whore of Akron.  Not The Pimp of Akron.  The whore!  Obviously Raab has never seen his feet to step foot to a playground.  Ergo, by the size of his belly, my guess is . . . it’s greed that’s driving him.

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