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Bold, Brave, No Filter


Actress Taryn Manning becomes Michelle Knight in Cleveland Abduction.

Taryn Manning’s mom may have been horrified for her daughter’s sanity for playing the role of Michelle Knight.  But from what we can tell, it takes great depth of skill and attention to the smallest detail to find the heart of seemingly unlovable victims covered in so much grit and soot.  Taryn Manning is pure genius at work when delivering lines with that raspy voice, with delivering every expression of her petite body, down to the twitch of her bare foot.

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Born Uniqorn


Don't let the grit fool you. Even grit sometimes sparkles in the sun!

From the moment she takes center stage, although she’s below average in height, the actress known as Taryn Manning, like a flash of light, steals every wandering eye.

Her look is not typical of most Hollywood stars.  Some might say “below average.”  Her forehead, for size, rivals fellow actress Christina Ricci’s and may eclipse rock star Rihanna’s.  Her lips are a little crooked and on the thin side.  Her skin is often white-sheet pale.  Her face may even show signs of early wrinkling, instead of the usual sparkle and glow of other stars aided by expensive BB crèmes.  And yet there is something about the way her eyes hold space in the shade of her forehead, combined with the quiet rasp of her voice, that makes her mesmerizing.

Something special.

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They’re Alive!

This evening, Clevelanders were stunned to learn that two teenagers and a twenty-year-old woman who went missing over ten years ago were found alive.  In their own neighborhood.  Right in their own backyard.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were rescued today when Charles Ramsey heard Amanda screaming for help to open the door she was kicking to free herself and the others.

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