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I Knew He Looked Familiar


…moonwalking all over The Land!

Michael Jackson has returned…

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Wanted Dead or Alive: Cat-scratch Shih Tzu


One of those mammals who likes animals more than mankind.

…for the murder of Roberto Villegas, revered Argentine polo player, hired as farm help in exchange for rent, the cost to care for horses owned, and good old-fashioned, hot & steamy, inter-racial sex.

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Triple Threat


Brains. Looks. Brawn. Because good things happen in threes!

Yes, we have supermodels in Cleveland.

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All Arms & Liggins


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Orange Ball, allow to introduce to you the new and improved Matthew Dellavedova. Longer.  Stronger.  Wilder.  Blacker.  His name is DeAndre Liggins.

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Tristan Thompson Succumbs to Swine Flu


Cleveland Cavaliers Power Forward/Center, Tristan Thompson, during healthier, happier times. His fashion sense will be missed.

It is with great remorse that must announce the recent passing of Tristan Thompson

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Robbed: A Tale of Two Athletes


Rio Games hi-jacked by Lyin’ Ryan Lochte.

These 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio have been nothing short of unbelievable and even incredible.  Yes, there were the usual unusual athletic feats that stir the sleeping athletes inside of us couch potatoes into promising ourselves to become more active.

But not until the Olympics are over, of course.

It’s the anomalies, the tale of two athletes, that had most of us scratching our heads this time.  It was what happens when the dark underbelly of the games roll over on us.

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Zhuri Makes National Debut


Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James, center, sits down to answer questions alongside his family during a post-game press conference after Game 7 of basketball’s NBA Finals Sunday, June 19, 2016, in Oakland, Calif. Cleveland won 93-89. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

if ur a Cavs fan, & i no u are, u wir prolly jus as xsyted as i wuz wen u realyzt that thuh xsytment had onlee jus bgun afta thuh cavs wun gaym 7 2 bcumm thuh 2016 worle champiyun cavaliers.  little did n e 1 no that we wood xsperience thuh nashunal debut of thuh littlest miss james.

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Yes, Sirrr!!!

Don’t you love this video?

Obviously, the answer is:

“Yes, sirrrrr!!!”

Congratulations to LeBron James and the Championship Cleveland Cavaliers for a wonderfully scary rollercoaster ride of a season!


A Championship Parade fit for a King!

Go Up!!!


Fear the Sword!!!

Stretch out the spear that is in thy hand toward the West:

for I will give it into thine hand.

So be it.  It is done.


We The East!


At last…the trophy ceremony!!!

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers!

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Champions!!

We Got Next!!!