If the Rumors Were True


“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Gettin’ down ain’t nothin’ but a thang.”


Many have tried to convince us that the late American singer and sweetheart Aaliyah never appeared on a BET Awards show in a baggy sweatshirt hiding a basketball.

Face swole.

Let’s assume that our eyes were not playing tricks on us that night so many years ago.

Let’s assume that the pregnancy rumors were true.

This is what


believes an Aaliyah and R. Kelly production would look like . . .

Simone Battle!!

Simone Battle's star is rising!

Is Simone Battle the secret love child of the late songstress Aaliyah and R&B crooner R.Kelly?

Simone Battle (of We The Party, a film directed by Mario Van Peebles, and X Factor Season 1 fame) looks as if she could be the whole reason Aaliyah, then 15, and R. Kelly, then 27, tied the knot in the first place.

Cute kid, huh?

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  1. […] But never fear. Midnight Blue Ivy will simply show up 20 years later with a new name and two or three years added to her years to throw the fans off her real mama’s expensive scent. Then she will show up on a music show singing badly all the while pretending to be the child of unknowns. Like an Aaliyah/R. Kelly production. […]

  2. anon

    You’re forgetting also that when she died, andre of Outkast said his heart goes out to her baby girl. And then that clip disappeared.

    • Holliday Vann

      Oh, yes…thanks for the reminder. Now that you mention it, I am certain that I recall hearing specifically that she had given birth to a daughter. Isn’t it weird though that there is still so much secrecy surrounding the birth? It’s not like it was an immaculate conception and there is a need to hide the babe from murderous demons. Unless, of course, today’s murderous demons are the paparazzi. Hope Baby Girl’s baby girl is thriving. I sure miss her mom!

    • Nikki

      He probably said his heart goes out to Baby Girl, which was Aaliyah’s nick name. Yall are reaching.

      • Truuu

        NO DUMB BUTT She has 3 girls she has left behind one with R. G’s baby girl Genuwine Mr. Pony and one with Chili’s x and baby daddy Dallas/dope boy with his short self.

  3. Holliday Vann

    Wow…I never thought that when I wrote this post that this young lady would be gone too soon as well. This one broke my heart, brought tears to my already tired eyes. Life. Why does it have to be so brutal?

  4. Nikki

    I never heard of Simone Battle so I googled and according to her Wikipedia page, she was born in 1989, about 4 years before Aaliyah & R. Kelly even met. Also, in 1989 Aaliyah would’ve been about 10 years old, she was born in 79. Another thing her page said was she was from LA, not Chicago or Detroit where R. Kelly and Aaliyah lived @ the time they were working together. Also, the BET Awards first aired in 2001, the year Aaliyah died. Not sure what you were watching when you claim you saw Aaliyah pregnant. Why would she attend an award show or make any public appearances if she were trying to hide a pregnancy? That makes no sense. Aaliyah always wore those half shirts showing off a very flat stomach. Sorry, but your theory falls flat in every way possible. People need to accept the fact that Aaliyah was never pregnant by R. Kelly. Those rumors were just that. Let my girl RIP.

    • Holliday Vann

      The post clearly states that Blackbiter.com is speculating that Simone Battle is what an Aaliyah and peRv Kelly production would look like. Nothing more. Speaking of the dead won’t disturb them or cause them to lose any sleep. Trust me.

    • Truuu

      Entertainment age they all lie about their real birthday some of your favorites are way older than you think.

    • Luvlivlyfe

      Sorry but the rumors are true. Even his own brother admitted to R Kelly’s and Aaliyah daughter. But I am old enough to remember seeing a swoled up pregnant Aaliyah with the big baggy shirt. Yep it was a big cover up.

  5. kim

    Respect! These people do not know you. Why do you care so much? Who is paying Ms. Nikki. Read SPECULATING!

    • Truuu

      She’s trying to be heard she’s trying to be and that’s all that is. However yes its ether have 2 or 3 girls left behind. Fact 1 is R. Kelly’s and 1 is by Mr. Pony G and rumored Chili’s baby daddy’s Dallas daughter is Kashia chanta’ from BET 106 and park. THAT HOE SUCKED the show would still be on if they would have let her go she brought the ratings down wont no body checking for her. That was NOT her thing/she gave the opportunity a try lets move on and find your calling.

  6. kim

    I love Aaliyah. Too bad Wendy Williams didn’t get this one right, no in
    between. It’s either bad or good.

  7. Truuu

    Yes we all LIKED Aaliyah she did her thing and caused a lot of drama, Her father Mike is dead now also and berried in the same place she is. RIP Mr. Mike.

  8. Jada

    Smh.. Aaliyah did not have any children. But Simone does look like she would be their child. Aaliyah was on star search in 1989, and she was definitely a flat chested ten year old. She was on star search the same year Simone was born, 1989. That was years before R Kelly and Aaliyah even met. & Im pretty sure a 10 year old could not give birth.

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