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Hands Tied?


…when it’s the waiting season.

Hands tied?  On hold?

The waiting season is a time to mature, soften and mellow, gain perspective, reflect, evaluate, and make adjustments.

It’s a time to learn and to grow.

–Dale C. Bonner, Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral

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Heart Like Candy to Crush


No good deed goes unpunished.

An early lesson learned while attending The Ohio State University involved two men.  I had a terrible crush on the one and barely knew the other.

Crush was my junior by a year and was back home hanging with his boys and working—I presume.  He never called.  I always called.  So, despite my number coming up, out of his sight, I sank completely out of mind.  I learned a little later that boys like men (if he aims his bow at all) prefer being Cupid.

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Have a Sparkling Christmas!


Happy Birthday, Jesus!

He, who is so full of light . . . how can you not be attracted to all that BLING!!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Happy Independence Day!


Land of the free…because of the brave.

Sunset in Florida

Through the eyes of a 15-year-old . . .


. . . the world is still pretty amazing.


Photos taken in Florida somewhere by a 15-year-old with an eye for beauty.  Nice way to start the summer, huh?

He Is Risen!


Aren’t you glad?

The Riches in Us

Oil-Painting- by-Artist-Claude-Clark

“Freedom Morning” (1944), an oil painting by Claude Clark (1915-2001), depicts African Americans from various walks of life and, in the background, a rising sun shattering the chains of two clenched fists.

Joining artist Claude Clark’s “Freedom Morning” and timeless words of wisdom from writer Carson McCuller’s Doctor Copeland, what better motivation does a soul need to rise up?

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Smooches, Smooches, My Love!





Christmas is too much work and not enough nog!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New, New, New…

(uhh, what was I saying?)

A Chilling Thought

cool-turkeyHope you had a cool Thanksgiving Weekend!