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Beauty in Black & White


Baby, there’s no mystery ’cause you know how I am. I’m real.

L’Oréal Paris is advertising a Brightening Day Moisturizer that contains a broad spectrum SPF 30.  With a combination of Glycolic Acid, Pro-Retinol®, and Vitamin C, the specially-formulated goop known as RevitaLift® Bright Reveal supposedly reveals brighter skin, helps correct uneven skin tone, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, all in just one week.

So if that’s the case, if the miracle happens in a week, then why are all the fabulous but over 40 actresses used to sell the product shot in black and white?

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Do Re Mimi For So Lotta Dough

Mariah Carey named new American Idol judge!

Fans can probably thank American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who is also Mariah's manager, for the successful negotiations.

The magic that is Mariah Carey has inked a deal with American Idol in an amount, reportedly, climbing the scales toward 20 do-re-mi-mi-million dollars.  Excuse the stutter, but those are enough C-notes to bribe a songbird or a sitting judge.

Unfortunately, the Pop and R&B diva, who regularly sticks her fingers in her ears whenever she hits high notes (even in bed hubby Nick Cannon affirms) may have a legitimate cause to do so in the coming episodes.  It’s American Idol’s own fault though that the honey-coated vocals will be forced to sit idle through so many bad notes and worse singing.  Hitting Paula Abdul with a “Straight up, now tell me?  Did you really think we’d love you forever?” is what started this game of musical chairs in the first place.

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Media Mogul & Songbird Unswathe Tiny Tweets

Babies are cute . . . yeah, yeah, yeah.  Behind that story is the true black story.  The Barbara WaWa  interview (Friday, 10/21/11, 20/20) spent the entire ten minutes further flinging Media Mogul Nick Cannon to the darkest edge of the blinding glow of Mariah Carey’s spotlight.  “They live in her homes,” Barbara says.  “He’s even an executive at Nickelodeon,” Barbara explains.  Poor Nick, under 30 years old and a star in his own right with bank (millions), has to constantly be made to feel less than what he is by these proper-sounding closet racists.

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