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Gone Git!


Yeah, she woke up like this . . . racist.

Kim Zolciak has proven time and again how it’s possible to be racist and not recognize it in yourself.  No one knows where she came from but we’re pretty sure it’s by way of Mississippi or deepest Florida—-where it’s better to stand your ground killing a Negro than to use it to walk away.

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She Can Dish It

NeNe Leakes: Gone Girl?

Pardon the "neneism," but is King of Bravo Andy Cohen saying, "Girl, Bye" to NeNe Leakes?

Chile, have you heard?  NeNe “I’m rich, bitch!” Leakes says whether she returns to The Real Housewives of Atlanta depends on whether certain cast mates come back.

In other words, if they do, she won’t.

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In The New Year

Effing is supposed to be good for you. I'm allergic to effing.

Come close.  As uncomfortable as I am with intimacy of this sort, come closer.  No, closer still.  I have a secret.  The secret is that I am allergic to effing.  Yes, effing.  Effing has always made me uncomfortable.  My eyes and nose become red, itchy, and runny.  Effing makes me feel weak, especially if I’m looking up from the bottom.  Too many bad memories of us replay in my mind when effing.  And, being a Christian doesn’t help because as the world knows, effing is sometimes an even dirtier word to us Christians.

Here’s the problem with me and effing.

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No Ordinary Nana

NeNe Leakes shows off her granddaughter.

"She was as shocked as the fans," says proud grandma, NeNe Leakes.

NeNe Leakes’ 22-year-old son has really done it now!  Remember?  This is the very kid who nearly caused NeNe to have a good old-fashioned Southern conniption on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Bryson Bryant would not pick up his room.  Bryson would not pick up the trash or take it out.  Bryson had to be told to cut his hair.  Bryson would not go to college—and his mama could certainly afford it.  Bryson would not work.  Bryson shoplifted razors from Wal-Mart and got arrested.  (Razors?  Didn’t we all think he was too lazy to shave?)  And NeNe went off on him, cameras running.

Personally, I thought that the slovenly leech would be too lazy to even accidentally fall into some puh—.

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