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Always Divine


"Sorry, Mary Jane Paul, but my arm ain't the only thing that's broke."

On recent episodes of “Being Mary Jane,” starring’s own Brown Sugar Award winner, Gabrielle Union, a certain someone has made a divine appearance. 

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The Brown Sugar Awards

Angela DavisLadies and gentlemen, welcome to the “The Brown Sugar Awards.”  As this is not “The White Sugar Awards,” this show will not be starting on time.  Shirley Chisholm, the first Black person to run for president of the United States—and aside from being dead—is not a finalist.  Here’s why.  Black culture does not celebrate the college graduate.  Black culture celebrates the House of Corrections graduate.  It’s the prodigal son syndrome.  And my people got it bad.  Our brown sugar does not get a pat on her head for being good.  She gets a party (and a pat on the booty) for being so bad she’s good!  Besides, here at, we don’t have security for all those Nobel Prize-winning dignitary types.

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Congratulations, LeBron James!

LeBron James Proposes to Savannah Brinson

Photo Courtesy of Andy Kropa/AP; Inset: Alan Diaz/AP

LeBron James finally proposed to longtime girlfriend and high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson on New Year’s Eve.  On bended knee, the Miami Heat pro-baller presented his wife-to-be a dazzling pear-shaped diamond set atop two sparkling baguettes.  As the proud mother of LeBron Jr., 7, and Bryce, 4 (who were already born and staring Savannah dead in the mouth at the time of the question), how could she refuse?

“I had no idea it was coming,” said teammate Chris Bosh [before collapsing to the floor in tears].  “I just heard some commotion, and yeah, there it was.  It was nice . . . real cool.”

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