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Gone Git!


Yeah, she woke up like this . . . racist.

Kim Zolciak has proven time and again how it’s possible to be racist and not recognize it in yourself.  No one knows where she came from but we’re pretty sure it’s by way of Mississippi or deepest Florida—-where it’s better to stand your ground killing a Negro than to use it to walk away.

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So About That Soul, Baby!


Really, Taj, a sequin knee compression sleeve!

SWV (Sisters With Voices) opened 2017’s Soul Train Music Awards show with a medley of their greatest hits from the 90s, with an assist from the Wu Tang Clan.  These sistahs still have their voices but their sequin granny skirts, black and white glitter socks in combat boots, topped with a sequin baseball shirt made them look like Matronly Melody-Makers.  Taj’s moisture control, copper-infused, medical grade compression sleeve for arthritis pain relief in the knee in black sequin, no doubt, is all the rage in nursing homes this season.

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Breathe In & Exhale


Beyonce performing “Freedom” with Kendrick Lamar…

The 2016 BET Awards Show, also known as the “It’s Gon Be Alright” Show, aired this past Sunday on BET. Beyonce, kicking things off, was kickin’ water like it had done somethin’ to her, kickin’ it like somebody forgot to make lemonade out of it, kickin’ it like winemakers stomp grapes!

Or maybe kickin’ it as though it were…Becky with the Good Hair’s face? Sheen sorry.

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Why is RiRi So Sad Sad?

Rihanna-Dublin-Ireland believes we know the answer to why RiRi is so sad sad. After a careful investigation, we put one plus two or more together and came up with one fascinating explanation.

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Crushin’ ‘Em


I love this song so much, I just had to share my “Crush.”

Feel a little rush?  I feel it too, baby.

The artist is Malaysian singer/songwriter Yuna and the other artist is Usher.

Yuna and Usher.  Usher and Yuna, what a union!!

Who Is Prince’s Victoria?

This is why we love Prince.

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Definitely Not On the Program


It’s an adventure. Starting out late makes everything an adventure. It’s a good day for being in a dark room and letting someone else do the entertaining. On the way, to lighten the mood, I remark about being the only ducks out as it gets darker and gloomier. My sister, who is half-listening, lurches forward, saying, “Where they at?”

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So many gifts…gone too soon.

It’s not easy being green, Kermit said.  But something about our purple friend was very Zen.

Heartbroken over Denise  Matthews, somebody asked.  It was the Illuminati and chemtrails, somebody else said.  Addicts will be addicts.  We’re addicted to addicts, said another.  Maybe it’s just too lonely at the top.

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Vanity Translated


From Vixen to Christian…

Prince’s impossibly pretty protege and former flame passed away Monday in a California hospital to the dismay of fans who loved her as Vanity, the lead singer of Vanity 6, or as Denise Katrina Matthews, the soul, few if any of us really knew.

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Out in the Open


Will Lisa Bonet’s real husband please stand up?

Something freaky is going on in the House of Jason Momoa.  Jason Momoa, aka Conan the Beautiful Barbarian, has supposedly been happily cooped up with Lisa Bonet for the past 8 years.  However, you wouldn’t always know it, given the company she keeps . . . keeping.

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