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Whether THEY Say So or Not

President Obama wins third and final presidential debate.The saddest thing to be learned about the 2012 Presidential Debate season is how soon people are willing to dismiss or completely ignore the accomplishments of the president.  

Who U Wit?

Race for the White House 2012America, you must not allow 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to become . . .

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My What Big Teeth You Have!

Joe Biden wins 2012 Vice Presidential Debate with bite!

The Republican Party and their sympathizers are so desperate for their uninspiring candidates to win, they are, time and time again, choosing to completely ignore substance.  If Mitt Romney is rude, overly aggressive, and obnoxious to the host and Big Bird, it is lauded as “being Presidential.”  Now that their candidate has lost the Vice Presidential Debate of 2012, desperation dictates that the Republican focus turn to facial expressions.

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The Droid Still Comes Up Void

If Mitt Romney had a brain or a heart, he would be less dangerous.


Wednesday’s first 2012 Presidential Debate was a head-scratcher to say the least.  The media talked about how lackluster President Barack Obama’s performance was in stark contrast to Mitt Romney’s performance.  I believe that I can offer an interpretation.

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