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Bold, Brave, No Filter


Actress Taryn Manning becomes Michelle Knight in Cleveland Abduction.

Taryn Manning’s mom may have been horrified for her daughter’s sanity for playing the role of Michelle Knight.  But from what we can tell, it takes great depth of skill and attention to the smallest detail to find the heart of seemingly unlovable victims covered in so much grit and soot.  Taryn Manning is pure genius at work when delivering lines with that raspy voice, with delivering every expression of her petite body, down to the twitch of her bare foot.

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On Fumes and a Few Ounces of Carrot Juice

Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Crowds gathering for early voting in Cleveland, Ohio today.

After a night of extended “wine tasting,” groggy and a little hung-over, I decided to take advantage of the extended early voting hours at the Board of Elections in Cleveland, Ohio.  I did not go willingly.

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Down This Road Lives a Whore

“What I done, I did in self-defense. I have nothing against anyone. I am ready to meet my God.”

Once upon a time, a certain pretty girl with good teeth, swathed in the warm and glowing aura of celebrity, bore the slap heard around the world.  There was righteous sympathy for her and equally righteous disdain for her attacker.  But what if she had been a bad girl, but perfectly good at it?  What if her eyes had been brown and not green, skin blacker, teeth the color of       A sunny color, but not for teeth...    or worry?

There is a road like a large footpath between lush, whispering trees.  A road of blood-orange dirt, a hardened mound lifted like a freshly dug grave.  Down this road lives a whore.  She was not always a whore. Our true selves are always god-like and artistic.  She wanted to sing, too—sang in the church as a child all the time.  Grew up in the church.  But that was a long time ago.  Times are bad.  The wages of cooking and cleaning for whites could pay her fare North to a life as a nightclub singer, but how long could that take?

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