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Bold, Brave, No Filter


Actress Taryn Manning becomes Michelle Knight in Cleveland Abduction.

Taryn Manning’s mom may have been horrified for her daughter’s sanity for playing the role of Michelle Knight.  But from what we can tell, it takes great depth of skill and attention to the smallest detail to find the heart of seemingly unlovable victims covered in so much grit and soot.  Taryn Manning is pure genius at work when delivering lines with that raspy voice, with delivering every expression of her petite body, down to the twitch of her bare foot.

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Withers in the Cool

Wuthering-High-School-cast-of-morose-marionettesWatching at midnight won’t make Wuthering High School, the latest adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, as dark as desired.  Crashing waves beneath the bright blue sky of Malibu, California and rich and bratty Barbies & Kens, in rags more pricey than cars, moping around homes built like resorts with cool stone pools, how could it?  But that’s the point, right?  Choosing the cold and dreary Upper East Coast for a setting would have been apropos, but redundant.

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