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About Tomorrow Morning


How to report an emergency . . . yass, we gon wing it.

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Wanted Dead or Alive: Cat-scratch Shih Tzu


One of those mammals who likes animals more than mankind.

…for the murder of Roberto Villegas, revered Argentine polo player, hired as farm help in exchange for rent, the cost to care for horses owned, and good old-fashioned, hot & steamy, inter-racial sex.

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About This Morning


What to do when stuck in traffic…enjoy the view.

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See What Had Happened Was


How to take a sick day….

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Black Trumps Blue, Boo


No winners here….

When Derrick Stafford shot and killed Jeremy Mardis, November 2015, after his dad Christopher Few refused to pull over for a traffic stop in rural Marksville, Louisiana, like a pinch to the cheek, we knew justice would finally get some color this time.

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Negroes (Sort of) At Work


From:  Black Man at Work
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2017 10:51 AM
To: Black Woman at Work
Subject: Last Seen

Got caught up in some things but … the last time I saw you, you looked to be either sad, unhappy, or maybe it was something you ate. 

You need me?  Anything I can do? 

You GOT a first floor window view. 

Need some Pepto-Bismol? 

I am there for you.


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