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Oscar: Old, Set in His Musty White Ways


Should anyone expect anything other than exclusion from anyone 88, old, white, and called Oscar?

“Say what we will, there is something in human nature which we cannot blot out, which makes one man, in the end, recognize and reward merit in another, regardless of colour or race.”

–Booker T. Washington, “Up From Slavery” (1901)


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The Riches in Us

Oil-Painting- by-Artist-Claude-Clark

“Freedom Morning” (1944), an oil painting by Claude Clark (1915-2001), depicts African Americans from various walks of life and, in the background, a rising sun shattering the chains of two clenched fists.

Joining artist Claude Clark’s “Freedom Morning” and timeless words of wisdom from writer Carson McCuller’s Doctor Copeland, what better motivation does a soul need to rise up?

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Status Symbol


Go on . . . hurry . . . turn the handle . . .

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No Better Valentine Under the Sun


Who’s afraid of the dark?

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"Humility" by visionary artist Kadir Nelson...because a little humility goes a long way.

“Soon I will be done with the troubles of the world…”

The slave sang songs like these all the time,
long before Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson sang
this mouthful of trouble.

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The Daily Grind


Nothing could complement “The Daily Grind” by poet Fenton Johnson better than “Green Beans” served up by artist Kadir Nelson.

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