Vanity Translated


From Vixen to Christian…

Prince’s impossibly pretty protege and former flame passed away Monday in a California hospital to the dismay of fans who loved her as Vanity, the lead singer of Vanity 6, or as Denise Katrina Matthews, the soul, few if any of us really knew.


From Vanity to Christianity…

Denise, a born-again Christian since the 90’s, had been distancing herself from her former alter ego, Vanityin the latter years of her life.


Under Prince’s influence…

Having struggled with kidney failure due to a dependency on drugs during the Rock & Roll years, after years of near daily dialysis, the singer and “Last Dragon” actress turned evangelist finally succumbed when an issue involving the small intestine further complicated her already fragile health.


Every man’s fantasy…

Vanity has been translated . . . from corrupt to incorruptible . . . from the pain and sorrows of the flesh to the joy and peace of the spirit!

When planning a follow-up to her autobiography Blame It On VanityDenise Matthews told Vibe in 2008, “I think it’s important to understand the title of my new book, The Black Box*.”

“The black box is the only thing that survives a plane crash, and I want people to know that I’m a survivor.  I go to wherever God calls me, wherever the church calls me to come to minister and preach the word of God.  God told me, ‘Speak the kingdom of God with all your heart, mind, body, soul, and strength . . . seek the kingdom of God first.’


Vanity: The condition or character of being vain; excessive personal pride; conceit.

“In the beginning I was planning on naming the book Blame It On Vanity . . . Denise, but I wanted to separate myself from the sinful name that made me famous.  ‘Vanity’ means worthlessness, and that’s the last thing I want to be known for.  And I’m not worthless anymore. My name is Denise.”

Whatever you do, never just rest in peace.  Run barefoot in the rain in it!  Joy in it!  Fly with the doves, Denise.


( Note:  As far as we can tell, The Black Box, if ever written, was never published.)

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