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Hitting Below the Bible Belt

Creflo-Dollar-Pastor-World-Changers-Church-InternationalSteve Siebold has recently written an article for the Huffington Post which shoots birds at Creflo Dollar’s 65 million dollar jet.

Like gang signs, he even throws up a picture of a suitless Creflo Dollar dressed in prison pumpkin-orange (from a rough patch in his life) where he was looking like a being as ordinary as Steve Siebold.

Apparently, Steve Siebold believes jets just fall out of the sky at a natural man’s feet. What?  Like King Solomon worked the fields for his riches?  The money has to come from somewhere, Steve.  David, our harp-playing, dope song-writing, peeping Tom, murderous wife-stealing king, and yet beloved, was first a shepherd.  The burden of his yoke of over-taxation nearly broke the neck of his flock.  That’s Old Testament wisdom; them gold plates and goblets didn’t just manifest in the Temple by white magic, Boo.

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