Radical Islam comes with a cloud of black smoke.

Followers of Allah, coming in a cloud of black smoke, bringing misery and death.

As a born-again Christian who serves the one true God, who is Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent, for the life of me, I cannot understand why Muslims go buck-wild whenever miscellaneous individuals insult their god.  Wif crazed protesters foamin’ at the mouf.  With fire.  Violence.  Murder.

As Christians, we are taught that ‘Vengeance is the Lord’s’ (Deuteronomy 32:35).  We are taught that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will intercede, fight battles, and defeat our enemies for us.  The God we serve is not some weakling that needs us to defend Him.  We don’t need to run through the streets destroying our communities and international peacekeeping entities and throwing already fragile foreign affairs into higher states of chaos.  Over a film with “anti-Islamic views.”  Free speech.  Though disgusting and incendiary.

If the prophet Muhammad is real, if Allah is real, if Allah is a real god, then why must Muslims defend them?  So violently?  And with so much black and bitter deep-seated hatred?  Is Allah a “god” with a little “g”?  If not, then why is the answer to insults to Allah and Islam consistently violence and hate?  Never love?

How, on earth or in heaven, is a true God appeased by the sacrifice of innocent human beings?  Is Allah that false God of old, Molech (spoken of in Jeremiah 32:35) who required children to pass through fire for a sacrifice?  Is Allah a brother of Baal, the false god (spoken of in I Kings 18) whose worshippers worked themselves up to a frenzy, cutting and gouging their bodies, while he failed, again and again, to rain down fire upon Elijah’s altar?

Fifty-two-year-old US citizen Sam Bacile (pseudonym) of California produced the film Islam is supposedly protesting with such savagery on, coincidentally, the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.  An expatriate Egyptian Copt helped him with the film’s promotion.  And now Bacile is said to be in hiding.

In the eyes of sane people worldwide, the murder of US ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and embassy staffers was senseless, shameful, displaced, and morally wrong.  Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamists will slaughter even the innocent to make their evil point.  A godless, pointless point.

Like those whining homosexuals who hate The Christian Church for not putting up with their abominable ways, Al-Qaeda and The Nation of Islam are also deceived.  A holy god would instruct his followers to turn the other cheek when wronged.  Thank God—specifically, the King of Kings, the Holy One of Israel—that we Christians serve a Great and Mighty God who is sensitive, but not thin-skinned.

For these mere words, I guess this means that now I should shake and tremble for my life—prepare to be a martyr for Christ—in the presence of Muslim fanatics.  No, I don’t think so.  My God—with a big “G”—is truly and eternally bigger, holier, and more merciful than any little “g.”  My God is not an idol—a piece of wood or metal whose ears and eyes can neither hear nor see.  And His outstretched arm is neither short nor lame.

I’m tired of all these so-called religious, weak-minded, bloodthirsty dogs.  I reject all of this murder and mayhem in the hollow name of Allah.  It’s hypocrisy.  My final question to the world—if it is not too afraid to answer—is this.  Aren’t you?

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  1. We Christians serve a God who doesn’t need us to defend him; I wonder which god would tell you to kill his other creatures to protect his name … so sick.

    • Holliday Vann

      I couldn’t agree more, Don. Part of what religion is supposed to be about is controlling our negative emotions and behaviors, also known as the sin nature. Especially when subjected to severe stress. But when you consider the godless actions of some religious followers, religion is obviously just religion. It’s not a lifestyle. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

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