Nuptials Exploding Like the Fourth of July


Deion and Pilar in happier times.

Pilar is said to be distraught over the demise of her 13-year marriage.

Deion Sanders and his second wife Pilar appeared on Christian television as the picture of Black beauty, prosperity, and marital bliss.   Hmmm.  Enter Tracey Edmonds stage left and he and his gorgeous wife are exiting stage right . . . to divorce court.

Tracey Edmonds and Babyface, the musician

Tracey Edmonds with the music man.

All divorces are godless.  Some more than others.  But have you noticed that so-called Christian divorces are just as explosive and otherworldly as everyday worldly departures? 

Entertainment producer Tracey Edmonds left music man Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, the father of her then two young sons, with a roving eye on possibly “producing” with movie man Eddie Murphy.  Apparently, she offered the movie man the one thing he was unable to build a set for and perform himself. 


After that coupling blew up in her face, along comes super star sportsman, Deion Sanders

Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy, the movie mogul.

Tracey Edmonds with the movie man.

Sanders, who must have been missing the lights-camera-action of football and baseball, obviously fell hard for the promises of Lady Edmonds to put him black in the spotlight.  However, being asked to be the understudy to your husband’s new leading lady, understandably, is just the incendiary sort of ticket that is likely to cause a bitter and forsaken wife like Pilar to combust.

Radio man Tom Joyner told gossip lady Wendy Williams that, while doing a show, he was backstage with Babyface when Tracey Edmonds ushered in still-very-married new beau Deion Sanders to meet the baby-faced sad song crooner.  Perhaps, she wanted to provide him material for another sad love song. 


Tracey Edmonds and Rocco DiSpirito, the chef.

Tracey Edmonds wit da cookin' man.

I’m sure we would have had to be there, but I trust the radio man’s observation when he told the pink lady of gossip that there was an air of disrespect and downright unrighteousness about “the introduction” that set him off.  Joyner more than implied that Lady Edmonds was rubbing her new leading man all up in her ex’s widdle baby face.

Physical fights?  Misdemeanor assaults?  Public evictions from Texas mansions?  Mug shots?  Nasty tweets?

This sick mess tying these so-called Christians in knots is the Swizz Beatz divorce-like-a-dummy scenario all over again.  This identical lack of respect for marriage is what had Alicia Keys fans hearing nothing but wrong notes and retching over her immoral behavior.  Keys’ burgeoning baby bump before the paper of divorcement had been inked only served to pile high the dung of dishonor on a situation already stinking to high heaven of low self-esteem and “I gotta have this man RIGHT NOW!” desperation.


Is Christianity's moral compass antiquated and broken?

Christians are supposed to have a precision-tuned moral compass.  As a Christian, Deion Sanders should have known better than to guide his “personal affairs” with so little wisdom or discretion.  Strange women like Tracey Edmonds with their high looks can be as cute as a chipmunk, but getting wrapped up in their foolish ways can be as deadly to a man as an adder.  

Or an M-80. 


Tracey Edmonds and Deion Sanders, the sportsman.

Tracey Edmonds and the sports man. Really Tracey, you're going to a T.D. Jakes PASTOR'S convention in THAT!! with a MARRIED MAN!

Deion Sanders should have honored himself and his family by respectfully and quietly ending his marriage with the mother of three of his five children before beginning his adulterous shenanigans with that cheeky chipmunk.


Can a man take fire into his bosom and his clothes not be burned?  Can one walk on hot coals, and his feet not be burned?  Whosoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding: he that does so destroys his own soul (Proverbs 27, 28, 32).


So what then is the point of being a Christian if your conduct mirrors the hellish underworld and not the Lord’s?  If Christians can get neither marriage nor divorce right, what chance do the Fourth of July nuptials of a Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada time bomb have of not exploding?  And would someone please explain to them the flaming irony of made-for-TV misfits getting tied down on Independence Day?!

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