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Nuptials Exploding Like the Fourth of July


Deion and Pilar in happier times.

Pilar is said to be distraught over the demise of her 13-year marriage.

Deion Sanders and his second wife Pilar appeared on Christian television as the picture of Black beauty, prosperity, and marital bliss.   Hmmm.  Enter Tracey Edmonds stage left and he and his gorgeous wife are exiting stage right . . . to divorce court.

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Can Alicia Keys Survive These Wrong Notes?

Alicia Keys in Thought

"Did I do that?"

Time after time, not an eighth note passes, before Alicia Keys strikes another wrong note with her fans.  Her career began to ooze and fester around the time of her adulterous affair with music producer Swizz Beatz, the deadbeat, who had yet to look black and untether himself from his lovely wife, Mashonda, mother of his young son.  When radio jock Tom Joyner repeated the unfortunate but tantalizing Swizz Beatz tweet saying, ‘Alicia Keys is in my kitchen making me breakfast buck naked,’ we all knew that the apron strings of a decent reputation had all but unraveled.

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