A Tall Glass of Ginn


"You know who it is. You see these bees."

Oops!  She done done it again.  Beyonce woke up like this.  Makeup-free.  Under a crown of white roses (lookin’ mighty yella to me).  Damn, that’s special.  But it’s nothing compared to waking up on a bed of cool green grass.  You know . . . when you trip . . . cause you’re kinda drunk . . . off the tall glasses of Ginn the bartender kept pouring you . . . for free . . . cause you cute . . . and you wake up wet with dew (or urine) . . . on not your lawn . . . but somebody’s lawn, also known as a bed of grass?  Well, enough about me.  Let’s talk about The Queen and her crown of white roses and . . .

. . .the hilarious exchange that took place between some haters and David E Ginn, a drone.  (Duh, a drone is a male honey bee sweet on the queen.  Queen Bey, of course!) Beyonce is David E Ginn’s hobby, don’tcha know.  Well some folks were spewing stuff all over the place like a freshman on High Street at The Ohio State University this weekend—and he was not having it.  Who says drones ain’t got no sting.  No zing!  Look. See for your self.  Can you imagine someone like this having your back?  Drones from the Bey Hive (like stans and stalkers) are loyal with a capital “el-yeah, I love me some Queen Bey.”  Maybe more than Blue or Jay.

Loyalty (the other el-word) is what the world could use more of.  Don’tcha think?


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  1. Que dois-je porter pour escorter un joueur de football sur le terrain au cours de retour à la maison?

    • Holliday Vann

      “What should you wear to escort a football player on the field during homecoming?” Hell, how should I know? Ask Norma Kamali, assuming she’s still alive. Ask Kim Kardashian, who shops for a living. Ask Kimora Lee Simmons, who actually owns a fashion house. Ask Tommy, Calvin, Bill, Betsy, Michael Kors…or you could wear a dress, boots, and a wrap to keep you warm during those wonderful autumn days.

  2. Haha Haha Haha, that Ginn is so funny!!!

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