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The Root's editor-in-chief, Henry Louis Gates Jr.

"DNA don't lie."

The brilliant and lovely Condoleezza Rice!

Nearly pure white cane sugar!

Last night on Finding Your Roots, The Root’s editor-in-chief Henry Louis Gates Jr., host of the PBS program, revealed what so many of us already suspected.  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Blackbiter’s very own second place winner of “The White Sugar Awards,” is only 51% African American.

Isn’t it so sad that (while the rest of America is giving birth to losers like George Zimmerman) her brilliant genes end with her?

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  1. Tony Rome

    51 % is better than 50% the last time when I checked. I really don’t have any respect for a loser like zimmerman, that’s why I used a small z at the beginning of his last name. On the other hand, the White Sugar Awards winner was the first Black female President and much more intelligent than the loser, and she wasn’t a coward either or wannabe either.

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