Herpe Birthday!


From Usher…with love?

Did Usher Get “Caught Up”

I’m the kind of brotha’, Who been doin’ it my way, Gettin’ my bread for years, In my career, And every lover, In and out my life, I hear love and left the tears, Without a care, Until I met this girl who turned the tables around
She caught me by SURPRIIIIIIISE!!!
I never thought I’d be the one breaking down, I can’t figure it out why

herpe-birthday-usher-herpe-lawsuitI’m soooooo, caught up
Got me feelin’ it, caught up, I don’t know what it is
But it seems she’s got me twisted, I’m so, caught up, Got me feelin’ it,
caught up, I’m losin’ control, this girls got a hold on me

Let me go baby (please?)
Now listen……………….
My momma told me,
’cause karma comes back around, Same ol’ song, But I was so sure, That it wouldn’t happen to me, ’cause I know how to put it down, But I was so wrong, This girl was mean, She really turned me out, Her body was so–tight???, I’m lookin’ for her in the daytime with a flashlight, My homies say this girl (Quantasia Sharpton) is crampin’ my style, And I can’t figure it out….


Look what Lisa done Bloomed up this time! 

Did Usher really get “caught up” in allllll this?

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